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Jorge Plaza Marquez Touches on Popular Cholesterol-Friendly Foods and Reveals Whether These Hold Merit

Amateur chef, Jorge Plaza Marquez, has dedicated his career to creating delicious and nutritious recipes that meet specific dietary requirements. He is a strong advocate for healthy living. Having overcome health disorders himself, Marquez is on a mission to help people access cleaner, purer and healthier foods in a bid to overhaul their ill-conceived food habits. […]

Health-Centric Chef, Jorge Plaza Marquez, Shares Ingredient Ideas For Delicious Superfood Smoothies

His recipes have transformed the culinary realm and given a whole new meaning to healthy living. Amateur chef Jorge Plaza Marquez is known for an impressive work philosophy that exemplifies nutritious diets to combat inflammatory responses.  The Miami-based chef regularly visits local and foreign markets to forage for ingredients that cater to specific dietary needs. […]

Jorge Plaza Marquez Debunks Popular Health Food Myths That Have Picked Up Traction Recently

Jorge Plaza Marquez is a health and fitness aficionado from Miami, Florida, on a mission to celebrate clean, wholesome and unadulterated ingredients. He has foraged local and foreign markets to create diet-specific foods that help people live healthier lifestyles and take charge of their fitness. What’s on the amateur chef’s menu? Marquez has made vegan cream […]

Chef Jorge Plaza Marquez Shares Insights Into the Causes of Food Allergies and How to Combat Them

 Jorge Plaza Marquez is an amateur chef and fitness aficionado. He has dedicated his talents to creating nutrient-rich anti-inflammatory recipes, using ingredients foraged from local and foreign markets. The chef has helped many people recalibrate their eating habits and pursue a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to food allergies, Marquez has undertaken significant research to help […]

Health Advocate, Jorge Marquez, Talks About the Whole30 Diet and How It Combats Anti-Inflammatory Responses

Jorge Plaza Marquez is an amateur chef and health aficionado. He creates delicious nutrient-rich recipes to combat inflammatory responses in the body. Being a strong believer of healthy living, he often visits local and foreign markets in a bid to locate exotic spices and herbs that are a great twofer; healthy and flavorful! Today, the chef […]

Jorge Marquez Sheds Light on the Inflammatory Process via the Sugar and Sodium

High blood sugar, dementia, autoimmune disorders, and cardiovascular disease have more in common than most people are aware. In our country nearly 30 million people have diabetes, and a vast majority of our population unknowingly has what’s known as prediabetes, which quickly escalates into the disease within a short amount of time. Jorge Plaza Marquez explained, […]

Neurodegenerative Disease: Jorge Marquez Explains How the Right Diet and Supplements Can Help Protect the Brain

“While no one wants to get sick or suffer from a chronic illness, the unfortunate reality is that many people will have to battle cancer, autoimmune diseases, and cognitive disorders and other ailments in their lifetime.” Said Jorge Plaza Marquez. “If you ask the majority of people what state of illness worries them most, you will […]